Free game to Supports the campaign

Sunday, February 7th, 2016 by woppercyb

In 1998 I created my first game, InfraHacker, a platform game:


I have taken a decision to encourage you to support our campaign, to gift it to anyone who supports our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (not our pre-campaign), succeed in or not, just for being our backer! So, as it sounds, for free 🙂

Watch the video


So now you have no excuse for not supporting us: If we fail crowdfunding campaign you do not spend you money and you get a free game (in English or Spanish). And if the crowdfunding campaign is a success you get two for the price of one, plus the rewards of your level.

So, what are you waiting for support us? 😉

Yes, I want to be your backer!


One comment on “Free game to Supports the campaign

  1. […] We are going to continue our pre-campaign a month before launching our genuine crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign. We encourage you to support us and get our game Infrahacker free. […]


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