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The death of a dream

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 by woppercyb

The pre-campaign is finish. The results are 13 backers: 15€ + 30€ + 30€ + 150€ + 30€ (estimate) = 255€


I know, I know. It is not enough. I have not been able to generate a community of supporters. Sorry. In my defense, I can say that the English-speaking websites about adventure games are very hostile. When I did my campaign in Spanish almost every website about adventure games that I contacted supported me publishing an article. They have even supported this new campaign although it is in English. Do you know how many English-speaking websites have supported me? Neither. Zero. Incredible but true. Publishing articles on websites of adventure games is a good form of free advertising and provides hundreds or thousands of visits to my crowdfunding campaign. Without their support almost nobody knew my game.

I understood the message. But we, my brother and I, not surrender. We thought that perhaps our game could be successful if we do it in virtual reality glasses for oculus. We have created a very simple demo of the first room of the game “99 Species” you can download here:

The adventure continues in “99 Species, the game in Virtual Reality” 😉